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Ozone is still today one of the most discussed and controversial topics in relation to its uses in the medical field. After years of clinical experience we are convinced that the problem is related to the fact that this strange gas, useful at a great distance from us but described mostly as a pollutant at ground level, has been proposed as a therapeutic agent without a clear description of its mechanisms. which act in complete antithesis to common pharmacological treatments, and therefore difficult to understand without an accurate and detailed explanation of both its chemical-physical characteristics and its oxidizing capacities and its potential role as a useful agent in the prevention of diseases and the inevitable damage of aging. Today, for greater clarity and considering that oxygen represents only a "transporter" for the administration of ozone, which is the only active ingredient in the mixture, we have proposed the modification of the term oxygen-ozone into ozone and eliminated the term therapy for the fact that ozone cannot be compared to a drug, thus attempting to correct the many contradictions and inaccuracies that have done so much harm to this treatment, precisely Treatment with Medical Ozone.

What is ozone

But let's start from the beginning. What is ozone. When I started this adventure more than thirty years ago and started studying this very unstable molecule composed of 3 oxygen atoms, I was initially attracted by a simple curiosity trying to understand how a gas with remarkable oxidizing capabilities could produce so many and different effects, positive on the human body. In the literature, only the descriptions concerning the "hole" of the ozone and the toxic properties of this gas appeared when its concentration exceeded levels that are no longer tolerable at the respiratory level. But opening the horizon without pausing to evaluate only the negative aspects and being deeply convinced that any phenomenon or action present such a dichotomy as to make even something that apparently seems "bad" become "good", we started looking for literature that could, in some way, explain this phenomenon. Well, then here appears what we can define "good ozone", that is the same gas that at minimal concentrations almost magically transforms into something profoundly useful for the quality of life on our planet, capable of starting mechanisms that are able to control the oxidative stress of the cells by reducing the inevitable harmful effects. Good ozone is what is produced for example after a storm, when the air suddenly becomes sparkling and pleasant to breathe. Moreover, in the early morning, generally in hilly environments when oxygen is released from the trees which, when the first rays of the sun and UV radiation appear, are partially transformed into ozone. The famous gas, whose nature was unknown, is described in some Religions where the rite of morning prayer was recommended at sunrise. In reality, the ozone molecule was discovered and fully described only in the nineteenth century by the German Christian Friedrich Schonbein.

The new frontiers

We can now say that this treatment, based on a small oxidative stress followed by a powerful adaptation of our organism, is widely documented at a scientific level and finally makes us understand how this adaptation is able to modulate multiple cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory, immune and many other functions capable of reducing pain and rebalancing the activity of our cells thanks to an extraordinary metabolic pathway, Nrf2.

This sensor, like the HIF whose discovery led the 3 scientists who outlined its properties and activities in the self-regulation of cellular oxygen levels to the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2019, is able to initiate the expression of thousands of genes that activate the most disparate defences to fight an excess of oxidative stress and more. This now makes us understand why, although not a real medical therapy, the administration of ozone at adequate and non-toxic doses, is able to soothe pain, improve the immune system, reduce neurodegenerative diseases, reduce skin aging and improve tissue oxygenation by promoting the release of oxygen where gas exchanges take place. All this in favour of a better quality of life, on a par with that which can be obtained with constant sporting activity, with good nutrition and in general with a good lifestyle. Now we can better understand how ozone treatment becomes an indispensable resource not only in the event of illness, but simply to prevent damage resulting from aging and particularly in old age.

Safety and Good Clinical Practice

Having said all this without forgetting the natural derivation of the treatment and the almost absolute lack of side or toxic effects that can arise only from "bad practice" in its execution or in the use of unsuitable equipment. The only contraindications are hyperthyroidism and favism. It is up to the doctor to evaluate from time to time the best protocol for each subject who requires ozone for the most varied conditions, even if not pathological, but simply to improve the quality of life.

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