Back Pain and Sciatica

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Back pain, as it is commonly defined by most patients, is a symptom resulting from various conditions including low back pain, muscle pain, stenosis of the spinal canal, suffering of the intervertebral disc from overweight or abnormal postures, up to hernial protrusion of the intervertebral disc. Sciatica arises from the hernial compression of a nerve root of the right or left sciatic plexus or rarely, even from a compression of the piriformis muscle. In all these cases, ozone treatments have proved to be extremely effective and currently two techniques are mainly used: paravertebral and intradiscal. In our clinic we use the paravertebral technique with needles which, depending on the diagnosis and the anatomical characteristics of the patient, range from 27G-21mm up to 22G-50mm. Concentrations of ozone range from 12 to 20 µg / ml O3 / O2. 10-12 sessions are performed weekly, followed by 3 end-of-cycle treatments to be performed every 15 days. The follow up is about 6 months from the start of treatment and the therapeutic result is positive in about 80-85% of cases.

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